About MediCamp

MediCamp is an innovative, residential programme for 16-18 year-olds aimed at developing crucial skills within the field of Medicine.  In 2021 MediCamp will be run in conjunction with UWC Atlantic from 31st July – 14th August 2021.

MediCamp is an inspiring, challenging, highly rewarding programme that will dissect the anatomy of the medical world, from different angles.
Every day is packed with new experiences and you’ll be working together with passionate and aspirational young people from across the globe on hands-on projects to explore what it means to work in Medicine.  We look forward to hearing from you!

The course will offer participants an inside-view of Medicine and it’s close relationship with allied healthcare specialties.  Course content focuses on the acquisition of clinical and communication skills, medical knowledge, crucial first-aid and life support, awareness of global and public health challenges and an appreciation of the imperative roles of allied healthcare professions.

MediCamp sets itself apart from many other courses by prioritising participant experience of Medicine and ensuring they complete the course having gained a real-life insight into this fascinating field.

We believe that offering participants the ‘real-life, hands-on’ experience of Medicine is the most valuable attribute it can offer participants.  We want participants to be able to call upon the skills and knowledge gained at MediCamp to support them in their future; whether it be within Medicine, Healthcare or indeed any other career route they may take. 

What to expect from MediCamp


MediCamp is an excellent opportunity for you to experience Medicine and the importance of allied healthcare in an innovative and fun environment.  The connections you make will last lifelong.


You’ll be enhancing your knowledge of medical concepts; history taking and examination, pathology of common diseases, life-support, diagnostic skills and treatment.


Develop and enhance your self-confidence, problem-solving abilities and teamwork through exposure to a series of challenging medical and non-medical adventures

Public Health

You will be presenting a themed piece of group-work to an acclaimed guest panel, around the themes of public health, global healthcare, and health economy.

Global Health Awareness

You will not only learn about the developed healthcare system in the UK, but gain a greater understanding of global healthcare systems. You will focus on your ability to serve different communities and meet their health needs.


You’ll be able to engage in multiple off-site activities through a range of themed away days with visits to local Institutions and Hospitals.

Dr Lloyd Evans

Lloyd is a General Practitioner working in South Wales. He qualified in Medicine at Cardiff University in 2014 and pursued an exciting career in General Practice. Lloyd also has a keen interest in Medical Education and Sport & Exercise Medicine when his busy clinical schedule allows. He has been fortunate enough to undertake the Premier League Medical Coordinator role with Cardiff City FC and continues to act as a Visiting Fellow at the University of South Wales.

He is the proud Founder of MediCamp Wales, a venture established in 2018 aimed at offering individuals the opportunity to gain an insight into medicine, healthcare and wellbeing whilst developing interpersonal skills that will last life-long. Lloyd is extremely enthusiastic about delivering an experience that is unique, engaging and forever memorable for participants.

When not working hard, Lloyd can be found on the side-lines of sports pitches coaching and supporting his son with his wife and young daughter in tow